My recent weeks have been filled with Korean dramas after dramas. (Secret Garden / Personal Taste / My Princess). My hub was just happy I found something to occupy my time so that he don’t feel the pressure to entertain me. ;p In fact, I got him hook on one of the drama – Secret Garden. hehehee…

While watching My Princess one night, my hub sat next to me


Hub : Hmm.. all Korean female seems so aggressive in the dramas. It’s like the man loves being torture of something. tsk tsk..

Me : Really? hmm.. nola. the guys are so sweet. they give in to the women they love.

Hub : hey dear, you wanna start watching japanese drama?

Me : oo… why ar? Is there any good ones?

Hub : The japanese women are so much more demure and gentle. Not sure if it will be good for you to continue watching korean drama and getting the wrong idea. You are already a big bully now.

Me : WAT? !!! (whack hub with pillow)