Wow – one month and I didn’t blog a single thing… aiks !!

I knew the minute I start watching Korean drama I am going to be in serious trouble. It was like an addiction which I couldn’t shake off. Every night I was glued to my monitor / tab / ipad. It was really scary how much drama I have watch since I started.

A quick recap of all the Kdrama I watch recently

1. Secret Garden – 23 episode

2. Personal Taste – 16 episode

3. My Princess – 16 episode (re-watch 2 times)

4. Prosecutor Princess – 16 episode (re-watch 2 times)

5. Can you hear my heart? – 30 episode

6. wonderful Life – 16 episode

7. Full House –  16 episode

8. Scent of a women – 16 episode

9. Coffee Prince – 16 episode

This brings us to a total of 165 episodes in ONE month !! which is more than 5 episodes / day!! (not even counting the 2 drama which I rewatch twice !! )

I was reading online about Korean drama and realised that I am not the only one who is addicted. It seems like the world it addicted to Korean drama / movie lately. For the Korean, they actually have a term for this. They call it the ‘HALLYU’ fever. Basically, it means spreading the korean culture to the world. Actors / Actress who are able to capture attention of fans outside Korea are also known as hallyu stars.

Japan being the closest market for Korea’s entertainment industry is now on hallyu fever too. Female fans are going crazy whenever one of the Korean actor / actress have fan meeting there. come on – who can blame them with all the yummilicious Korean actors like Hyun Bin, Lee Min Ho, Song Seung Heon, Gong Yoo, Park Si Hoo, Kim Jae-Won and etc. Not to mention, every Kdrama is always (without fail) have scenes of these guys in shower, showing off their amazing body, wrist grabbing, passionate kisses and the guys going all out to please the women they love !! swoon….

 Anyway, after weeks of watching non-stop, I’ve decided to cut my addiction and say byebye to them.

 I am proud to say – it has been 3 days since my last K-drama. Let’s hope I can keep this up… ;p