After waiting for 2 long years, the developer finally send us letter of VP (vacant position) to our house.

So,hub and I made appointment and went into their office to collect the keys to our house.



As we unlock the front door and walk into the empty new house, I was not sure how I feel.


of course i am excited… but it was more the calm type of excitement versus the jumping up and down screaming on top of my lungs type.  Hub say it’s probably because I have let out all my excitement-steam since I was overly-hyper and excited during the first year.

But, i think it was leaning more toward the stress indicator.

Why? getting key also means that we have to start spending a lot of $$ ….Initially when I was running around comparing prices and getting quotes, it didn’t really hit me as hard since no ‘actual’ money was being spend yet. On top of that, I have hear enough horror stories about lousy contractors. Hence, the thought of following up with contractors, checking that all finishing of renovation is good seems like a nightmare.

Anyway, don’t get me wrong. I am very happy to finally collect the keys to our house. Now, to make it into a HOME. wish me luck. :p