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Last Saturday was a free day for us !!! Do you know how incredible that it?!!

After married for only 2 months, we realised that weekend if no longer fun and romantic. It is usually swarm with chores. Either it is housework, running errands, visiting family, and etc.

Basically, there’s no more tête-à-tête time for the 2 of us.

One of the things we learn from the pre-marital course is to ALWAYS try and have at least one day out of the week (or 2) for hubby-wife (couple) time.

So, in the spirit of trying to inject some romance into our relationship, I decided to prepare an elaborate dinner for 2 (at home).

I drag hub with me to buy some ingredient needed for the dinner. Not knowing what to cook, I just grab any basic ingredient.

When we reach home, i took everything out and lay them in the kitchen table and started to plan my menu.

And boy am I proud of myself… 🙂


For Starter / Appetiser,

Saute tiger Prawn sprinkled with paprika on bed of butterhead lettuce drizzle with balsamic glaze


Coq-au-vin served on a bed of thinly slice grilled aubergine with garlic bread on side

the chicken was Amazingly tender and juicy.

The picture doesn’t do the dish any justice.

Meal accompanied by Moet Champagne which was a wedding present for us from a good friend of hub from Perth ! Thanks !! It was divine and simply delicious… I couldn’t think of a better pairing for this fine meal. 🙂

Hubs was busy playing with his computer while I was slaving away in the kitchen for 3 hours to prepare the meal. So, when he come down he was definitely impressed. 😉

It really feel GREAT for me that hub enjoyed the dinner so much.

After dinner, we were too full to even think about desert (which thankfully – I decided not to make). Actually, I was just planning to cut up some fruits. hahahaa..

Anyway, Hub propose we take a stroll around the neighborhood. It was quite romantic…or maybe everything seems more romantic because  we were a little drunk (considering all the red wine I pour into the pot making the coq-au-vin) and the champagne !! hoohoohoo…