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Quietly staring at the phone. Chulet knows she has no choice but to call the dental centre.

Picking up the phone, she silently pray that the dentist will not be free and the next appointment will be one week later. (hopefully by then, the teeth no longer pains and there’s no need to go T__T )

No such luck. Dentist is free for 2pm appointment today.

Stared at the clock, 1:15pm … 45 mins to go.


Sitting in the clinic. Name called. Walk the long hallway.

This is why I hate dental office. Then I recall, the last trip to a dental office was like 5 years ago.

Saw my dentist. A young girl.

OH NOOOoo.. my heart drop. Is she experience? How many teeth has she pull out? Should I pretend to have an urgent sms and RAN !!??

I braved myself and told myself it will be all ok.

Laying myself down onto the chair, she started examining my teeth.

She say the teeth turns yellow and it is dead already. Advice me to pull it out..!!

WHAT???!!! deep breath… ok ok…i can do it. I gave her the nod to proceed.

She inject something onto the gum and I start feeling numb…

ooo… numb is good.. This mean no pain, rite?

After she extract, she say the root of the teeth broke.

WHATTT??!!! Need further extraction. sobb sob…

Supposedly my teeth was quite brittle and deep.

So, she had to dig and dig and dig for a LONGGGG time.

Each time she say it’s done, she do a re-check and say still got one more. She did it like for 4 -5 times..

By then, I was shivering and praying… There was no pain yet but I am getting anxious.

Should I jump out from the chair and ran to another more experience dentist…?

Each time I persevere.  Telling myself it will be over soon.

Finally, she manage to extract the root out.

Bill was about RM 140 !! and she took over an hour and half (90mins) to extract ONE small teeth (this is not even those big teeth… it’s one of my baby teeth in front !!)

Went home, numb and tired.

Bleeding stopped after 3 hours later. Pop pain killer like nobody’s business.

This morning, I am still feeling pain.

The BIG teeth next to the small teeth which she pull out is having a throbbing pain. and when I gentle press it, it was a sharp pain. SHIT !!!

Is that normal… sobsob.. now I am worry.. sighh….

Should I go and see another dentist.. or should I just wait a few days more to see if it still hurts?

HELP !!! T___T