Why don’t people just speak what they mean?

Nowadays, I often hear phrase constructed so flowery just to tone down / dress-it-up so that it sounds less harsh.


Giving constructive suggestions.

> It is basically an Insult / Critic

  • A critic is a critic, it doesn’t matter how it is phrase, it still hurts. In fact, it frustrate even more since this person is ‘trying’ to be nice about it.. You can’t shout *b*#cH* to their face !! Or even slap them. You just need to ‘gracefully’ accept them.


Gentle persuasion / strongly recommend / highly suggest…

> DO-IT-my WAY or the High-Way

  • If you want something done your way, DON”T give the impression that there’s an OPTION in the first place. Demand for it. And if I don’t take/agree to what you  ‘STRONGLY recommend’, you twist and turn to try and ‘GENTLY PERSUADED’ me to agree with your opinion


It’s not you – It’s me

> I want to break-up with you.

  • Lousy way to dump someone. IF it is over, just be done with it. GAME-OVER. I have no more feel for you. Basically, it really means that It’s not you. It is me who have problem with YOUR problem. I cannot stand YOU. You are the caused of these problem and I cannot take it anymore. Seriously, it’s not even fair. IF you do have a problem with your other half, at least voice it out and do a KPI or something. Give the poor thing a chance.


The company have to let you go

> You are FIRED.

  • Whenever I hear this phrase I always wonder, does this means the company actually don’t want to let you go? It is phrase is such a way as if the you are the one that wants to go… and the company LET / allow you to go. Whereas, in the first place, they WANT you to GO.


you are – Uniquely Special

> Weird-O

  • If I am special, why should i be uniquely special… ??!!

Andway, there’s many more of such phrase. These are just some which really tick me off. 😉