Scenario : Chulet busy packing for her Europe trip with her hubby2B… (hmm.. must think of a name for him since I can’t forever refer him as hubby2B… ok ok. He shall henceforth be dubbed NinjaBoy).


Chulet : Hey, are you bringing enough warm clothing ? (Ninjaboy HATES the cold with vengeance)

Ninjaboy : Yes la…  hmm… must find a big plastic bag for water proofing.

Chulet : why?? what you need to waterproof ?

Ninjaboy : My backpack which has my laptop !! it’s not waterproof.

Chulet : but but… the salesman told me it is (I’m pretty sure that was what he say .. else I won’t have bought it too !!)

Ninjaboy : No la… he say Water RESISTANT only.

Chulet : Enough la.. the rain will roll away wan.. the rain in Europe in like Melbourne… small fuzzy puny drops.

Ninjaboy : **stare at me in horror ** (BTW< Ninjaboy is a virgin Europe visitor) NOooooooooOOOooo… i hate that type of rain. It’s like the sky keeps spitting on me. bleh.. i hate it.. arghh.. spitting rains.. NoooooOOoo…. it’s like the rain kept phui-phui-phui (sound of people spitting) on me… sighh….

Chulet : O__O  (huh? ……)