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Dear friendz,

I know this is old news, but, after giving sufficient time (one year plus) for me to rejoice with my surrounding family and friends..

I decided it is time i share this with my virtual friends. 🙂

hehehee…so, here’s a little something about my hubby-2-B

My future husband is not handsome,

Neither is he rich or tall.

giving me bags and clothes – which he only draws

flowers and chocolate – once that’s all

He sprout no romantic quotes

Grunts and snort is all he knows

singing is always out of chords

dancing? please spare my toes.

Prince charming he is not

he’s just a simple guy with simple life

A heart of gold is all he seek

this heart of mine is what he speaks.

When things gets tough

he stand up-front

to hold me back

to keep me close

But when things are fun,

he push me front,

watching me enjoy

is all he wants

so many things about him

makes my heart jumps

living all life with him

will be such fun

so, when he went on his knee

a poem he wrote for me

so touch i am that i couldn’t see

for in it was those 4 little words

Will you marry me? – was spelled out

Chulet tears flow straight out

too touched to nod or grunt

in the end chulet give him a hug

we will walk the aisle in the coming months.

so excited is chulet’s heart

for he is the one

chulet wants…