With so many online sites around, logins / usernames and passwords is starting to become so troublesome. Seriously, it is so bad that if I forget to login for like a month, I completely forget the password. ;p

Hence the reason why i have no update my blog for ages !! (Not to mention, i was lazy too.. ) hehheeh.. Anyway, back to the topic, I wonder what would be the best way to keep track of all our details like this.

From simple things like our facebook logins to highly encrypted online-banking informations.

Should we

1) keep all these details in our trusted palm / iphone / blackberry – then set another password to protect the said file… praying no one steal your whole phone away !!

2) Use the SAME login and password and again pray HARD that no one discover the Magic key to our Aladdin Cave.

3) Set 3 sets of login and password and categories the importance of that particular online site. (e.g. For some intense WOW gamers out there – they might set the most secure password to ensure no one hacks their account … ;p )

4) Write it down on a piece of paper (in secret code) and keep it lock up somewhere.. hopefully you’ll find this paper when you need it.

5) Just heck it and believe you can remember it… << me in this case. ;p

Anyway, I am just glad I finally did manage to crack this and come back to my beloved blog !! Yay…