I always pride myself as being able to talk to anyone anywhere anytime. I mean, how hard is it to carry on a decent conversation, right? And then, there’s always the safe topic like the weather and such.

Chulet was dead wrong!

Bump into a friend’s gf while in Uni-days

Chulet : Hey Ms. A, how are you?

Ms. A : Ok dokie…going to get myself tortured now.

Chulet : (huh?? What the heck?) er.. **small chuckle** going for a boring lecture?

Ms. A : Nope.

Chulet : er… ( ok ok.. what to say now? I know.. the weather ** always a safe topic in Melbourne **) We’ve been having really nice weather lately ya? (it is not often you get nice sun especially during rainy April)

Ms. A : OOoo.. I see goldfish in the sky… I keep my goldfishes in the toilet bowl and they swim so prettily..

Chulet : (What The fish? – huh ?? What??) OOo.. look at the time. I am late. Catch you around (Not)

And I was told Ms. A is a brilliant student with distinction in most of her subjects.