After waiting for 9 long months, his princess is finally here.

The moment her little fingers pressed against his palm, she’ll always have the power to twist him around her little finger.

Holding her hand, reassuring her on her first day of school.

Staying with her when she ask you to help her choose colours for her colouring homework.

Trusting her with your car when she finally got her driving license.

Rushing home everyday to catch a glimpse of her before sleeping.

Laughing at all the jokes and silly things she does.

Giving her anything she desires.


Watching her go off to Uni. Bringing back her boyfriend to you. Throwing the poor guy the ‘I-am-watching-you’ look.

Worrying for her when she come home late.

Attending her graduation. Feeling proud of her.

Seeing her struggle with the transition to work life.

Up till then, she always know you will always be there for her.


Suddenly, things changed.

It is no longer the same. For you have no longer know how to talk to your little girl anymore.

She has different priority in life, perhaps, so have you.

He wonders : Is she still his little girl? Or somebody else’s girl?

She wonders : Am I still important to dad? Does daddy still care?

She stops holding daddy’s hand. perhaps he won’t like it.

He stops holding her hand. She needs to be independent and grow up.



Father and Daughter standing together. Silence. Not knowing how to talk to each other any more.

Once, she would have told him everything. Once, he would have listen with a smile.