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Last Saturday was J-L’s birthday. A great and classy lady with cheerful demeanor.

The birthday was held at Mezze, Damansara Height (behind Victoria Station).

Meze or Mezze also means finger-food / small dishes in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Sort of like Tapas of Spain or h’or d’oeuvres of France.

Appetizer Chulet & OFM tried

1)      Lamb Cutlet – this is really good. Definitely thumbs up

2)      Pancetta and Prawn Tempura – interesting. It was serve with garlic + wasabi sauce.


1)      Barbecued Spatchcock Chicken – Spring chicken. Well marinated. Juicy and not too overly done.

2)      Ballotine of Lamb – Marinated lamb served on cous cous. Love the cous cous. Lamb was ok only.

Right after dinner, some of us proceed to have coffee at Mont Kiara coffee-bean.

Around 1am, everyone decided to crash into A&D’s new pad for a game of Acquire. That was my first time visiting A&D’s new place. It is so beautifully done up.Very stylist and love the colors.. Congrats on the new place !! 🙂

That night was also my first time playing the game Acquire. At first it was super confusing. Since chulet didn’t have her Camera with her, she didn’t manage to get a picture of the board-game. But she found one that looks so cool from http://www.webnoir.com/bob/sid/acquire.htm


Quick Summary : Max. 6 player. Each player gets about 6 tiles, if combine 2 tiles together, can build hotel. After placing one tiles on the board, you can take another one. You can buy share of the hotel after you place a tile. If you build the hotel, you can get one free share. Each time, you are limited to only 3 shares (from any hotel). The more tiles surround the hotel, the higher the share value to the share holder. Merger of hotels can also happen. So, it is interesting to trade shares, sell or keep (if the player thinks that there’s still opportunity for that hotel to be re-open again). It’s about balancing cash, shares and knowing which hotel to grow and keeping your triumph tiles.

Amazingly, Chulet got the second place. ;P

Yay !!