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Labor law defines emploment as master servant relationship in many countries.

In the older day, employee are loyal and faithful. Many books wrote how servants serve their master even when they receive no pay. However it is commonly observed that employee today no longer display such valued characteristic.

Many are willing to switch Master even with the offer of little increment (sometimes for even as little as USD 1/day). Personally, I have nothing against looking for better opportunity. But, I believe that it should be done with dignity and intregicity. In many cases, some of these employee were offered the better pay due to leaking secret information to their Master’s competitor. OR, in some cases, stealing the company’s client and bringing them to another place.

Some employee took advantage of the labor law (which was there to protect them) to sqeeze their master for more. They are the expert of the law and will find loop holes and use it to force their boss to act. it is common to hear of terms suh as unfairly dismissal or constructive dismissal.


 When the employee sues the company, many times, they company will just pay them 3 – 6 months salary to settle out of court. I have heard one case where the employee who was the purchaser, start a company to sell goods to his Master’s company. When the company management found out of these, they request he resign in return of not bringing charges to him. What did this guy do? He smartly file for constructive dismissal and was awarded back pay and compensation close to millions !! Sad isn’t it?

And people wonder why some companies are so mean and no longer wants to display any kindness to the employee. Perhaps we (the servant) should ask ourself first if we are taking our job and responsibility seriously. Performing it with intregrity and serving our boss with loyalty.