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It has been weeks since Chulet last update her blog. Reason ? Just plain LAZY !! hahaha..

But this occasion definitely deserve my special attention and determination to blog.

Chulet’s bf (Ninja-boy) planned a nice dinner for both of us (to celebrate my birthday). He kept ‘hush-hush’ about the dinner venue. Only hint he dropped was dress nice and it’s in town. The whole thing was executed with brilliantly right untill the door step of FRANGIPANI in Kuala Lumpur. I was very excited as I heard so much about this restaurant but have never step my foot inside.


However, the supposedly second surprise was given away by our Maître. When Ninja-boy arrived, he informed them that the reservation is under Mr. Ninja for 2. Our Maître scan thru the book and happily inform us that our friends are inside waiting.

HAHAHahaha.. my poor boy was so upset. (Supposedly, he and my best-mate organized the whole thing and they even went thru the trouble of making another reservation for just the 2 of us so that, when I arrived, I will be usher to another table)

Anyway, I was just too excited and happy.. so, I ran in and start hugging all my friends 🙂

Thank you for all the the surprise birthday dinner. I am so touched !! It’s such a nice fuzzy feeling to be surrounded by good friends, sipping champagne (Thanks Mr. L) and dining on delicious food. As for my cake, it is CUTE cupcakes from Delectable (Thanks Miss L)


Talking about the food, it definitely is 2 thumbs up from Chulet !! The restaurant is definitely worthy of a full review. However, Chulet will keep that for another day since this post is solely dedicated to all of her friends.

Thank you all again.. for making the time out from your busy schedule to celebrate it with me. 🙂