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Story One:

Chulet’s best-mate from her childhood years recently got proposed over romantic dinner during their trip to singapore to see the F1. It was a total suprise for her as she thought it was just a dinner outing to celebrate her birthday. Birthday cake has a cute racoon on top of it. VERY very cute. (as Chulet was not there – no pictures here). So, it was like a double suprise when her soul-mate whipped out a diamond ring and proposed to her ! She say YES. of course. 🙂

Story Two:

He arranged with her family to meet in Bali for holiday. She happily went along to enjoy the holiday. On the day of the proposal, they went for hiking, biking and etc around the Bali island. Went back to their hotel to shower. She was too tired to care about her dressing (thinking that it would just be casual dinner with her family). Little does she knows, he arrange for dinner in a nice posh hotel.. The waiter show them to the back of the restaurant where she saw a long jetty leading out to the sea. along the jetty lighted with candles and a man playing the violin. On the table, there was a microscope. He told her to look inside. YES – it was a ring.

Story Three:

He ganged-up with all the children from the sunday school (she’s a sunday school teacher). It was Christmas. After church service, the children dragged her to the first room. She found a figurine with a card. Card gives clue to the next treasure. There was about 5 treasure before she come into the room with him (and her family + the children too). He recite a long long long speech.. (hehehee) with a nice Ring (of coz..) and she say YES (of course..)

Story Four:

He took her back to the first restaurant where they had their first date. Stroll along the river where they went after their first date. She went along eventough she wanted to just go home and sleep. Halfway, he went on his knee, took out the ring and proposed. (There was no one along the river then. quite late at night. Oh wait. He mentioned that there was a garbage collector doing his round then. hahaha..) She say yes. (No – this is not the end of the story yet). He jumped with joy and whipped out 2 air-ticket to Sydney (they are in Melbourne). They left for a short mini-break the next day. :p

Story Five:

He took her to climb the Mount Kinabalu (or Mount KK, so fondly known by the Malaysians..) It is considerable high. So, when they reach the higest peak. She was tired and cold. He tooked out the ring to propose to her. She was tired no more. 🙂

Story Six:

He googled to ‘how to proposed’ and learn everything he can. He went to the jewellery store and asked for ring. Went to airport to picked her up. After she reach her home, he went on his knee and ask her to marry him. He open the box and she pushed him away and say NOoo.. (you see, he asked for a ring. But, he didn’t specify what Ring. So, the sales person show him the wedding bands) When she saw 2 rings – she thought he propose with earrings ! Anyway, the confusion aside, it was a joking NO.. and she say YES later when she learn of his mistake. hehhe.

That’s all for now.