Weighting scale shows a 1kg increase.

Hmm.. only one? I guess it’s no biggie deal.

Yah.. 1 kg is like so little.

Only one. It’s ok.


For fun, she decided to check on her BMI.

Many sites now offer quick calculation on our BMI. We only need to Google-em-up.




WAT?? Watt??? !! (Chulet Shocked)


Since when?!! (Chulet confused)


Not true. NOT true.. (Chulet in denial)



Chulet check again with few other site…



NOoooOOOOoooo (Chulet accepts)

Sobb sob..


Today is a sad sad day indeed.

Only 1 kg more and Chulet has now officially leave the Overweight category and slide towards Obesity.


SOBB sob…


MUST exercise !! Must control diet…