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Chulet a.k.a Tofu has been suffering from all sort of infection during the last 3 weeks.
Hence, the lack of post in her blog.
Right after her H1N1 scare, this little Chulet was happy that the flu is just the ever common seasonal flu.
It took almost a week to get rid of the irritating cough, sore throat and blocked nose.
When it seems all is going to be ok, Chulet woke up with the conjunctivitis ! sighh…
So, it is back to camping at home with watery-blurry red eyes and a little cough here and there.
After 4 – 5 days, the redness went down. The sticky-disgusting is almost gone (eye lid sticking tight when I wake up in the morning)
When Chulet thought the worst is over, she suddenly went deaf on her left ear… Sigh.
Went to the clinic.. Doctor found that chulet having ear infection. sob sob.. WHY ??!! Why me !!??
Thankfully, after taking anti-biotics for 4 days, my ears are functioning again… HOORahh…
Few days later, Chulet started sneezing non-stop in office. By the time, she left work for home..
Her nose is red from the constant blowing and her throat sore too…
That night, she starting coughing and sneezing so bad that she didn’t sleep the whole night.
Thinking that it is lack of vitamins, she starting taking vitamin C and drinking plentiful water.
2 days later, the sneezing has not stop !! the coughing got worst.. so bad that Chulet develops headache.
Went to clinic, Doctor check and found that the problem is because I am allergic to dust !!!! ( HorroR !!!)
IF I am allergic to dust, how am I doing to survive ? There’s dust everywhere !!!!
The imagine of Hamster running around in clear plastic balls popped into my mine.. NooooNOOO !!!!!!
Doctor calm chulet down to explain that it is quite similar to Hay-Fever and there’s medication I can take to take away the allergy…
Phhhewww…. He explain that in some really serious case, I will need to take a jap to rid myself of dust-allergy.
WOWWww.. a vacine for dust? I guess it is the same like shots available for people who are allergic to cats / dogs.
Anyway, after taking these medication for like 4 days now, I am indeed feeling better.
Cross my fingers that this will be the END of Chulet Infection Magnet..