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Chulet and her family went visiting the Setia Alam showroom (in Shah Alam) last weekend.

 (Yes – basically, every weekend is now reserve for showrooms!!) The hunt gets quite fun when the whole family gets involve. ;o)


Using the NKVE, from Damansara toll to the Setia Alam toll cost us about RM 2.70 and the journey about 30mins. Ok – the highway is definitely a plus.  


Upon entering the toll, it is about another 5 minutes drive and you’ll reach the showroom. Right before we turn into the showroom (which is on the left of the road), we noticed there was a truck parked at the emergency lane about 400m in front. There was a lot of white smoke. We thought it could be just the engine overheated. So, we walked into the showroom.


IT was impressive!! The whole shell was glass. The building reminded me of exhibition hall in Germany. There were more than 15 types of houses built as show-house. So, Chulet was really excited to begin looking at the house. It was right then that she notices large stream of black smoke going across from outside the showroom.


Chulet walked to the side of the window and then she was told by her brother that the truck was on fire! And it is a garbage truck. That was when I got really worry. I mean, tons of things get thrown away and you never know if some of these are explosive in nature or not.


Just as the thought cross my mind, the first explosion happens. The loud BOOM was enough to make the glass vibrate a little. After that, so typical of human, everyone ran to plaster their face along the window!! Esh..


I decided to walk away from the window. That was when the 2nd explosion happened. Chulet got worried and told her family to stay away from the window. After that, the 3rd and 4th explosion happened. Chulet ran to the staff there and ask if they have already called the fire brigades. Yes – we called like 10 minutes ago.    


Then, chulet left the showroom to the show-houses. They got a little golf buggy to drive us to the show-houses. Chulet loves going to show-house, looking at the ID, opening every drawers and checking out house prices. After the 6-7th house, we were no longer so excited. Everyone got lazy and tired. We decided to take the buggy back to the main showroom. After that, we left to go home.


The whole day spend visiting and we never even finish all the different show-houses they have display there!!


Note : we purposely took a drive next to the garbage truck. Hehee.. Yes – Chulet kepoh-ing (Chinese Hokkien for busy body). The whole truck was burnt to charcoal, the wheels are gone and NO – I didn’t see any fire engine. O__o