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Oink oink.. Chulet is sick.

It is so HOT !! and Hazy lately!! Spending a short time in the open air is such a torture. Chulet is suffering from a really bad sore throat and nose block after a short 30-minutes chat outside the office yesterday. 

The sore throat got worst after dinner. Nose block was so bad that I had to breath throught my mouth which gets it dry and irritated my throat. Now, Chulet is coughing also. Sigh… 

A few advice given to Chulet are such as:


1)      Drink more water

(Chulet : OO.. mummy say honey is good… so, all the water I take now is slightly honey-ed)


2)      Sipping warm salted water before and after sleep

 (Chulet : Hate it but it seems to work really well, especially before sleeping)


3)      One dosage of Redoxon effervescent (Concentrated Vitamin C + zinc) every morning

(Chulet : YUMmm… fizzy orangy drink. I like !! can I have more? Will I get oversode?)


4)      Stay away from fried / oily / spicy food

(Chulet : Sobb sob.. Do I have to?)


5)      No COLD drinks / food

(Chulet : I’ll try ..T_T )


6)      Stay in-door

(Chulet : Yay..MC !! MC !!!  NO.. Bad Bad.. Chulet.. chulet must go to work. )


7)      Supposedly having capsicum juice helps.

(Chulet : Haven’t tried that – not sure if I want to try it)


8)      Boil coke with ginger and lemon

(Chulet found that this drink is quite a norm in Hong Kong)


9)      Covering face with towel over a bowl of steaming hot  water and breath. Helps to clear the block nose after 10 minutes and sooth the throat a little.

(Chulet tried and love this.. felt like a mini-just on the face-spa.. hehehhee)


10)  IF you are still suffering after 3 days. PLEASE GO SEE a doctor

 (Chulet : NOoooNo.. don’t want !! don’t take me there.. NOOnOOOO )