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Seize the Day!

The first time I come across this phrase was during my high school prom.
Carpe Diem was the theme for that day. I never really care what it means accept then except that it sounded cool and it’s French!! :oP

Thinking back, I realized how appropriate that had been for me.

I have always been the little mouse amongst families and friends. Preferring to keep my own company and minding my own business. Never do very well in school nor do really badly. Never venture far from home. I was afraid of dark. Stick-like figure and constantly on medication (due to some blood problem).

As we parted after the high school prom, everyone went on their own path. Attended tons of open days and was determine to not follow attend any course where majority of my friends were planning to do. While everyone enrolled themselves into the Australian Program, I did the American Program.

Had great time during my college days and made many friends. Enjoyed the different teaching style and actually did really well in my studies (Dean’s List). My lecturers praise me for my communication abilities and my confidence during presentation. Imagine that !! Me ?!

Carpe Diem!! I think I did seize the day.. ;o)