Chulet has never been very brave and she hates HATES horror movie…

Chulet was thrown into the world of nightmare when she was about 8 or 9 years old. She was watching one chinese horror movie by herself as she is bored and has no homework and mum is not at home !! so, she decided to watch some TV but end up watching horror movie. After that show, it has caused her weeks of sleepless night and also fear of even going to the toilet. For a while back then, she thought that she will never be able to get over it. But, eventually, time heals everything.. ;oP

In most culture, there’s always that ‘one’ thing which scares all kids. Whether it is the boogeyman, vampire, chucky, freddie kruger, ‘toyol’ (explained by wiki as mythical spirit in the Malay mythology of South-East Asia. It is a small child spirit invoked by a bomoh (Malay witch doctor) from a dead human foetus using black magic). And parents will spend countless time trying to convince their kids that there’s nothing in their closet. I really am thankful to PIXAR for coming up with the cartoon Monster Inc. It sure helps if I need to convince my kid that there’s nothing to be afriad of. ;o)

Anyway, the nightmares came back again she was about 12. She was watching some horror movie and that night and after that, the nightmares begin again. I can still remember some flashbacks from that dream. It goes that one very famous singer (not going to say who – and will be reference as ^o^ from here on) went missing and the whole world went franticly searching for ^o^. In the next view, I saw the limbs and parts of the body around my house. After that, it was images of head floating about. *brr… i still get goosebumps whenever I think about it*

I have tried to analyse the triggers for my nightmares.

Of course, the number one reason is from the Horror movies I watch. But then, I also note that I don’t ALWAYS get nightmares after the show.

So, why are the nightmares episode super bad during when I was 8 and 12 ? ..

The answer come to me when I was 15 and was watching one chinese horror movie with my siblings. I realised at one point that this was the really scary movie I watch when I was younger !! However, halfway thru the movie, I realised that I never knew how this movie ends…  That night, I had no nightmare at all. In fact, I slept really well.

Then it hit me that whenever I never complete watching the whole horror movie, I get really really bad nightmares.

So, after that, I always try to force myself to sit thru the whole show no matter how scary it is.

If I am with someone, it is usually easier..

But, whenever I watch it myself, I try to take away all the factors which makes the movie scarier. I will turn down the volume to almost nothing. Make sure the room is super brightly litted. Have a really BIG pillow in front of me. Prepare to switch channel when things get really bad and keep switching in and out until the scene is over. ;oP

And usually, the ending of the show gives me a sense of peace. It is like everything is over. It is ok now..

I know it is silly – but, this is how I watch horror shows even until today (not going to reveal age ;oP ).

Why I still watch them ?

I try not to watch any horror show whenever possible. But, sometimes, during channel surfing.. some show started out really interesting turns out to be horror !! mehh…