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At long-last, the Day 2 which I was suppose to post (after my Frankfurt – Heidelberb post , which was about one months back ;oP )

Day 2:

Metzingen – A little city with a population of 22,000 located south-west of Germany.
Started of as a wine cultivating town to a textile oriented town, today, Metzingen is famous for its factory outlet a.k.a. Bargain Hunter’s Paradise!!

FACTORY outlet !! Muahaha… ;o)



Apart from that, Metzingen is also the home of HUGO BOSS.

They were the first to start the their factory outlet in Metzingen and soon followed by tons of other brands such as Joop, Burberry, Swatch, Polo Ralph, Escada, Adidas, Bally, Diesel and many many more.


For the list of all the factory outlets available, check out

http://www.metzingen.de/ceasy/modules/cms/main.php5?cPageId=521HuGo BoSs

I was only there for a short while  less than 2 hours 

(esh..  I feel like I have to justify myself cause I can so picture my boy lifting one of his eyebrow and ask “‘short while? really? meh…. :oP ).

Hence, I have only manage to visit some of the shops. Of course one of them is Hugo Boss!

How can you be in Hugo Boss’s headquarter and not visit Hugo Boss.

That wouldn’t be very nice now, would it? ;o)  And of course I have a get a little something too. (hehehee…)


There are some discount and great buy on certain items in certain store.

Overall, I would say, non-discount items on these stores are actually priced 20-30% cheaper than the outside shops.