Anytime after week 16, the good doctor should be able to see the gender of your baby. Unless, the baby manages to maneuver into position and hides it from the scanner view. We have some friends who can’t find out until as late as week 30.

Around week 19 when I was due for a check-up, our doc manages to get a good scan. But, he’s careful to check if we would like to know or wait to be surprised. LOL…

I’m a control freak, so, OF COURSE I want to know!

Doc asked me if I prefer girl or boy… Immediately I told him GIRL please. ..quickly Follow by “I’m happy as long as the baby the healthy and safe”. When the Doc got the correct image, he ask if I can tell if baby is boy or girl? My answer was right, and come to think of it, it was pretty clear and it’s not hard for an amateur (first time mum) to tell.

He told us that nowadays many parents opt not to know. So, he has to be really careful even during routine scan… like the doc might just say, he / she is good. He/she is growing well…and etc. So, it’s really not so easy sometimes. Or, certain angle of the scan might just show you immediately the gender.

If you really want to keep it a surprise, a good idea would be to keep reminding your doctor, even during the normal routine check.

Once I find out the gender of our LO, I was happily shopping away. Hehehe…