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Hubby and I signed up for antenatal class upon recommendation by a friend. She told us that it would really help us to get ready especially since we are first time parents. I am really grateful for her advice.

I did not really do a lot of research on where to go for the antenatal class. Yes – I am lazy in some things. LOL. So, I just signed up with Tropicana Medical Centre since I’m going to give birth there too.

They charged about RM80/couple (or RM40/pax). The class includes breakfast, lunch and tea. So, don’t worry about going hungry. They should know better than to starve pregnant ladies. LOL… can you imagine trying to lecture a hall full of hungry pregnant women?!

Antenatal Workshop

I’m not sure what other Antenatal Class offers out there, but, this is what was offered in Tropicana. They gave talks on the following

  • Nutrition in Pregnancy – basically all about a pregnant ladies’ diet. We were given tips on what to eat and what not to eat (so much). What are some taboos and also opinion on supplements.
  • Having a baby – The Dr (Gynae) explain the whole process of getting pregnant, the week by week progress and also the test available. The things happening to the mummy’s body and etc. I really enjoy this lecture a lot !
  • Cord Blood Stem Cell (sponsors) – Very interesting to know since it’s quite new (in my opinion, any medical technology which is less than 20 years is still NEW)
  • Breastfeeding & Baby Care – Very informative but would have preferred if it’s more hands on. I did go back to Tropicana again for breastfeeding advice. The sister was really nice and helpful. (I’ll need to remind myself to do a post on my breastfeeding experience later)
  • The First few months – The Dr (Paed) go thru what parents should expect with their babies in the first few months. He also gave a brief talk on the vaccination required (I am a PRO-Vaccine mum)
  • Pre & Post Natal Exercises – This is conducted by a group of Physiotherapists and it was definitely great break after a long time of sitting down. We get to stand up and practice some exercises we can do during and after pregnancy.
  • Tour of Delivery & Labour Ward

So, if you are a first time parents, I’ll definitely encourage you to go. When is the best time to go? Many people advice that you should not go too early as you might forget everything by then. I actually attended the class when I was 21 weeks pregnant. Personally, I am grateful I attended the class around that time since I was feeling good at that stage of my pregnancy. I see some women attending was almost 8months pregnant, and I think it’s so tiring. But, it’s definitely up to you. If possible, DRAG your hubby along with you. 😉