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I started bleeding the very night I found out I am pregnant (sob sob). I woke up around 2 am with the sudden urge to pee and was shock seeing fresh bright red blood. Immediately, I call hubby and show him. I was scare and emotionally drained. I just want to curl up in bed and cry with hubby holding me the whole night. The very next morning, we head straight to the clinic.

Please take note of the amount of bleeding you had. If possible, quickly put on a pad so that you can estimate. The first thing the nurses in the clinic asked me was how much you bleed? They ask if it’s 20 cents in size? Or 50 cents in size? Unfortunately, I was too distraught to think clearly. Lucky I show hubby and he was able to give them some answers.

My gynae comforted me and told me not to worry. He did a quick scan and announces that our precious pea is still there. I was so relief then.

But, he also cautioned me that most PCOS patient doesn’t carry pregnancy well. So, he asked me to be extra careful. I was given the Proluton injection and to remain bed rest for at least a week. He also reminded us that we should have rush to hospital next time (Ops, didn’t even thought of that – LOL). So for first time mother who had similar trauma, remember head straight to the hospital! Take note to go to the hospital where the A&E knows your gynae.

Mum is amazing for taking care of me during that time… I was so emotionally handicapped and she gave me the motivation and courage. Hubby was also a champ by constantly reminding me to believe in God and pandering to my every whim. And lastly, the only other person I share it with is my best friend Ms. L who has been my constant source of spiritual cheerleader and praying for me. Thank you very much to these 3 super stars.

On top of being emotionally drained, I was having really BAD evening sickness. The minute it hits 5pm, I will feel sick all the way till 9pm. So, I end up taking really little or almost nothing during dinner. In fact, I don’t really have much appetite at all during the time.

Mum was worry and diligently prepared pure chicken essence (I’ll try and share this simple recipe when I have time) for me 3 times a week (on my GP’s recommendation). She fusses over me every second of the day to make sure I’m comfortable and well rested. She also had to delay her flight back to Melbourne 2 times because my condition was not stable.

The one thing my doctor strictly reminded me not to take during this time is Chinese herbs. He told hubby and me that a lot of people will rush to take ginseng (a big NO-NO) or some kind of Chinese traditional remedies when they have bleeding / spotting. So, I relay that to my mum and MIL. Thankfully, they were both very supportive and didn’t force me to consume any Chinese herbs (even thought they hear a lot of their relative and friends telling them to give it to me).

From my week 6th till week 12th, I was constantly in limbo. One week bed rest, got better, head back to work, 1-2 days later bleeding starts, rush to hospital (weirdly the bleeding is usually at night), and back to bed rest again. I lost count how many Proluton injections I had. Each injection is supposed to slowly release medicine into the body and last for around 5 days. After the 4-5th time, rushing to hospital in the middle of the night has become such a norm for hubby that he’s almost on auto-pilot getting himself and me ready. But each and every time, it creates havoc to my mind and I get so emotionally upset.

But, God is amazing… with each experience; I grew stronger in faith and God’s promises. I really hold on to all God’s promises and I felt so encourage from reading Supernatural Child Birth by Jackie Mize (which a friend got for me and then Ms. L got it for me too – Thanks !!!).

Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie MizeBy the end of week 12th, both my butt cheek turned blue black and form a solid patch. My gynae told me it’s normal and told me some of his client who had to continue Proluton till 5 months pregnant gets so solid, it’s like elephant skin. Wah… scary. Unfortunately, the blue black patch never went away. sigh… I still sport this 2 patch. They alternate the injection between the left and right butt cheek. OOO… one thing I experience was there was a slight inflammation around the injection area. It got really red, hot and itchy. My GP gave me some lotion and soap to use which really helped.

The good news is my limbo was over… after week 12. Praise the Lord. J