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Hubby and I just celebrated our 4th Year marriage recently. This time round, the celebration was simple (relatively). No big fancy gesture or fine dining (unlike last year. LOL)

Wedding CupcakesBut, this year got a little extra special to us. We will be expecting our baby girl soon. I’m now waddling around like a proud mother duck at 38 weeks pregnant. I have been putting off posting about this for some time as I still feel overwhelmed by it all.

I’ve strongly believe that having a child boils down to God’s timing / blessing. For the first three years of our marriage, hubby and I enjoyed a lot of ‘us-time’ traveling and seeing the world. We have always believe in letting God and nature takes it course.

Eiffel Tower ParisHowever, deep down…I was always a little worry as I am never regular with my menstrual cycle since my teen-years. I remember the longest was 7 months when I was in Uni (my mum even joke if I am hiding something from her). After several check-ups, the Dr told me it’s normal for certain people and my blood and hormones all check out ok. So, I was never bothered about it and have never pay attention to my cycle.

Interestingly, after my marriage, my cycle got really regular. At most it will hit 2-3 months. So, whenever my menstrual is late, I get super excited to use the pregnancy test kit. But, when results show that I’m not pregnant, I still get a little disappointed. But, I never let it bring me down and hubby is always very supportive. Hubby always reminds me that it’s God’s plan so I have to trust in the Lord.

So when my menstrual was late for 5 months last year, I got a little worry. I decided to look for a gynaecologist to do a detail check. After checking to confirm that I’m not pregnant, my gynae did a detail scan and found that I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). According to him, PCOS is quite random and till today the cause is not entirely understood.

Anyway, he explain that it was the main reason why I have not ovulate and hence no menstrual. Then, it hit me, no ovulation = no baby!!! I was in full panic mode. The nice doctor told me not to worry and he will prescribe me some medication to help regulate my menstrual cycle.

During the one week I diligently took my medication. If you know me, you’ll know I’m not a fan of medicine (except – pain killers, because I hate pain even more!). But, after one week, still nothing…

I went back to the Doc, and he jokingly told me that my body must be really stubborn and request I take another week of the same medication. Interestingly, after that, it did come, ONCE!  Dr was happy with that and requested I take 5 days of Clomid to stimulate ovulation. It’s usually what you take to encourage fertility. I was quite excited to take clomid as I thought it would help ‘speed’ things up abit. LOL.

After 2nd day of clomid, I was feeling nausea and tired. During dinner with my bff (she’s in her 1st trimester then), I jokingly remarked that I feel like I’m going thru exactly what she’s going thru. She kindly offered me her ‘chen-pi’ (sourish pickled orange skin) and we wondered if it could be the side effect of the clomid.

After completing the Clomid, I was due for another appointment with the gynae the following week. 2 nights before the appointment, I prayed before sleeping and God prompted me that He will provide as He’s the provider.

The next morning, I was wondering if I should check with the pregnancy test kit again. It’s silly since I was so confident that I was not pregnant since I’ve done several tests before that and the doctor also did one when I visit the clinic.

But, when I pull open the drawer and saw that I have one (the most expensive – which I only bought ONE) sitting there, I decided to go ahead and use it. I bought a lot of test kits of different brands and prices to stock up in my drawer. Deep down, I was telling myself that I’m silly and I just wasted a good RM15++ (some of these branded sticks are not cheap!!!)

The normal modus operandi is I’ll leave the test while I shower. Then, check it; negative, throw to bin. This time, right after peeing, I stare at the little window and waited. There were 2 blue lines clearly visible on the window. I was confused. I thought perhaps different brand have different indication. So, I went back to read the instruction on the box. Double lines = pregnant. I was stunned and actually spend a good 5-10mins staring at the test kit.

Pregnancy Test KitAfter that, I walked back to the bedroom and told hubby, “I’m pregnant”. Hubby was waking up then. He stared at me like an owl blinking and then he utter “Ooo… congrats?” (Congratz??!! Is that all he could say?! Bleh – Rolling my eyes) and then he was like, “Are you sure?”. I told him I was not sure and was wondering if the clomid could have confused the result.

So, we decided to push the appointment forward and check with the gynae. The Doc was skeptical as well but being a good natures fellow, he agreed to squeeze me in. When I show him the picture of the test kit, he confidently says, “You are definitely pregnant. The lines are very clear. Let’s do a scan”. He found our little pea immediately and announces I am 6 weeks pregnant. I was stunned… but how? We did check that I was not pregnant (Doctor say it could be because it was too early in the pregnancy and the test kit couldn’t detect it yet that time).

God is truly GOOD!!!

I was so deliriously happy and spend the whole day grinning away like a Cheshire cat…