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Because of its location, this restaurant screams tourist trap! But, do I care? NO…

I love this place.Cafe de la Paix

Smack right next to the Opera metro station, it is so convenient to reach this restaurant. This restaurant is usually quite full during dinner time. I think it’s from the theatre-doing crowd. So, do call in to make reservation in advance to ensure a pleasant start to your evening. (I hate waiting in a line). OR, like hubby and me, we usually dine REALLY (for European standard) – early around 6:30pm.

I absolutely love the tall romantic columns and classy finishing of this place. The service here is great – maybe a tad slow sometimes because of the crowd. But, if you are enjoying yourself in such an amazing environment, whey rushes dinner? Sit back, relax and enjoy each other company!

Waiting to be seated

From our seat

Aside from the usual French fare, Café de la Paix also serves seafood platter. And, if you know me… you will know I NEVER say no to seafood platter. Since it’s just the 2 of us, and we had a rather late lunch, we decide to just order their Plateau “Café de la Paix”.

Look at the AWESOME fresh seafood. Nom nom nom…  I will let the pictures speaks for itself. How can anyone resist this?! Freshly shucked Oysters of few varieties, Fresh Clams, Baby prawns, langoustine, brown crab (tourteau) and sea snails (bulot). You can’t spot some of them because it’s hidden beneath the langoustine. But, hub and I was seriously stuffed after all that.

Seafood Platter 02

Seafood Platter 01


If you want your own combinations, feel free to let them know. They have tons of fresh seafood on display outside their window.

Bountiful Seafood Oyster Galore

This place definitely remains my favourite whenever I drop by Paris. But do take note, this place is not cheap. But, I think it’s worth the experience… And, if you do drop by Paris on a romantic holiday – why not?! 😉