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Never thought I would blog about instant noodles…

but then again, never have I seen everyone making such a big fuss about a pack of instant noodles since perhaps when cup noodle was first introduced. I have even heard that this instant noodles is actually ebayed at an inflated price. shocking eh? The reason is probably because this noodle is supposedly really hard to come by and it is always out of stock. Hence, like any economic 101 class you attend, less supply and higher demands = higher price.

Anyway, after all the big hoohah toned down, my MIL manage to grab 2 BOX of this noodles and brought it for hubby and me. My mum requested my MIL for one box so that she can haul it back to Melbourne with her (crazy woman!). When I told my cousins, one of them quickly took a snap of the same noodle in the shops in melbourne. Supposedly, it’s practically found everywhere there … only it’s at a really high price for instant noodles. About AUD 4.50 for a pack of 4. In KL, my MIL paid about RM 8 for 4. Wonder if my mum still wants to haul it back. LOL…

2 Boxes @-@

We decided to share our fortune with our close friends and gave some away. Behold the tower of instant noodle.

Tower of instant noodles

I made one the other day to try. The curry sauce is really nice and creamy. I have to say it’s quite good for an instant noodle. However, I think I would have preferred it if it was meehoon instead (I always take my curry with meehoon). ;p

Penang White Curry Noodle

Nom nom Time

Personally, if I have to eat instant noodle, I think I would still prefer the Korean Shin RamYum.

But then again, it’s not fair for me since I could just walk out / drive to a nearby kopitiam to enjoy a bowl of good curry noodle anytime. So, For any Malaysian who are posted oversea and craving for a good bowl of white curry, then, this would definitely score big time for them. I read somewhere that this noodle was created in the first place because of the creator’s craving for his hometown Penang White Curry when he was studying oversea.