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The first time I found out about the possibility of eating raw chicken was when I watched Anthony Bourdain on the No Reservations program. Immediately, images of zombies tearing into human flesh popped into my mind. Truthfully, I was a bit grossed out. But, I kept trying to convince myself that it is not a big deal since I eat raw beef with no problem at all.

Fast forward years later, I can’t believe I actually bucked up my courage and took 2 slices. One slice is the tenderloin and the other is the thigh. Initially, when hubby pointed it out on the Minori spring menu, I unconsciously shook my head while hubby gleefully nods his head. (bleh…) I still think he was mocking me since I always pride myself to be an adventurous eater. Unfortunately, he managed to convince mum to give it a try. So, I was out voted. YES – I did try to remind them about salmonella and all sort of scary bacteria !!! But, hubby was very determined and had high confidence that the Minori chefs would be able to handle it properly.

When the waiter brought the dish over, he carefully explained to us the different portion of cuts and the condiments which goes with it. On top of that, he assured us that the chicken just arrived to their restaurant that morning and since we are having lunch, it’s very fresh. Another thing which he assured us was that if we decided not to continue eating it raw, they would be more than happy to send it back to kitchen to cook. Plus point indeed for them.

There were 3 cuts available, i.e. Thigh (with leek), Tenderloin (with onion) and Breast (with daikon). On top of that, there were also slices of heart, lung and liver/kidney (not sure). To be truthful, the tenderloin was pretty good for me. The texture was really good. Reminds me a lot of white fish sashimi. It was the thigh which ended it for me. At first I kind of like the chewy texture, but, as the raw chicken smell got stronger, I felt queasy.

Jidori Chicken Sashimi

Hubby and mum on the other hand were really enjoying it. They were happily chomping everything down and enjoying every bite. I felt like I was sitting next to TWO Hannibal Lecters !!! LOL

Anyway, I am proud to announce that I have at least tried this dish (which some claim is one of the most feared dishes out there). All 3 of us walk out feeling fine from this experience. Bravo to the Minori team for daring to bring this dish to Malaysia. It might be common in Japan, but, I don’t think it’s something which will be easily accepted by the consumers here.