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To me, Geneva exude a very peaceful and calm ambiance pretty much like any other big European town. Mostly everyone we meet here speaks french. Our friend told us that we are lucky since we arrive during the non-peak season. Our friend kindly brought us around the town.

Before that, we stroll along the park by the river. It was beautiful. With the trees turning color and a comfortable cooling breeze. Strolling by the Park along the LakeLake ViewSwans by the LakeBe careful not to hang around near to these majestic swans. They do jump out of the water and chase after you. ;p

After several hours of walking, I was super tired (since we just landed on that day itself!!!) and hungry. Unfortunately, it was only around 4pm and seems a little early for dinner.

So, our friend propose we try this little “bieres artisanales” pub in the town. How can one resist that?! We quickly made our way to the brasserie du Molard.

Brasserie du MolardThey have 3 types of in-house brewed beer – Blonde, Blanche, and Amber. We only ordered 2 types – Blanche and Amber. While we wait for our order, I was so amazed by the huge and beautiful copper vessels which brew the beer. Unfortunately, my pictures were all not so good and blurry. So, I’m not able to post it here.

Beer Menu Our beersAnd beer always goes better with some food (not to mention, I was extremely hungry by then). We  ordered some pizza. It was delicious… or maybe I was just too hungry. Hohoho…

Pizza to go with the beerAfter that, we continue to stroll around the town and I was busy salivating at all the beautifully hand crafted chocolates displayed by the windows. It’s so gorgeous! Almost wanted to buy everything on display. hahaha…

Around Town chocolat !!! Chocolat Box with Chocolate inside Cute Chocolate