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Emerald and Blue is probably one of the most amazing natural pool / lagoon I’ve seen so far (I know there probably is many more out there… but, I’ve not have the opportunity to see them yet). Mum told me the colors reminded her of the China’s JiuZhaiGou Valley (Valley of Nine Villages). This natural pool is located within the National Park in Krabi. It’s located about 20+km from the main town. Entrance fees for tourist is about 200baht. You can head there on your own or simply join one of the day tours offered around the town.

Jungle trekking

It’s quite easy to navigate inside the park. From the main entrance, there are visible signboards guiding your way. It’s about 800m of uphill trek to the Emerald pool or better known as the Sa Morakot in thai. From there, you need to hike another 800m to the blue pool / lagoon. I would recommend you reach there early in the morning and head straight to the Blue pool first before heading back to the Emerald pool. But, if you reach there around noon then, I propose you take a nice cooling dip in the Emerald pool before making the 2nd leg of the trekking. It can be quite HOT trekking the second leg as there’s not much shade along the way.

Huge Trees

The Blue pool is not big but the color of the pool is really breathtaking. We were told that if we clap, we will see bubbles coming out from under the ground. Interestingly, it did !!! But, I suspect it has something to do with the vibration caused from the bouncing of the sound causing the bubbles to be released underground. You can see how the water has little waves / ripples on it caused by these bubbles. It was really beautiful and peaceful here. Our guide warn us not to try swimming in it as it’s much deeper than it looks.

Blue Pool 01 Blue Pool 02

The Emerald pool was semi-crowded by the time we make our way there. Becareful when getting in as the stones / slopes are SUPER slippery. It’s really dangerous to try and walk in. Word of advice – slide in on your bum 😉 AND, be really careful when getting out. I went crashing into a couple trying to get out. LOL. Lucky they were a good sport and laugh it off (Sorry again!!!). Finally, hubby manage to get out and fish me out. Phew.

Emerald Pool

There’s proper shower cubicles here. It’s not the super clean type but at least it doesn’t stink ! It was really lovely to wash off with the clean water after the effort spend trying to crawl out of the Emerald pool. hehehe.

If you are heading to Krabi and enjoys nature, Don’t miss this. 🙂