I was browsing in one of those little corner news stands when I stumbled across this HUGE Archie Comic ! Normally, I usually just glance at Archie comic for a mere seconds before seeing other magazine which holds more interest to me. I used to LOVE Archie comics when I was young.

Mum used to grumble whenever we insist on buying them. But since it is also one way to encourage us to read, she usually give in to our puppy eyes. I don’t remember exactly when I stop being interested in Archie. Perhaps it was after going to college? OR was it when I started listening to boy bands (LOL – Every teenage go thru that phase, right?!)

Archie 1000page

Anyway, I couldn’t stop myself when I saw that huge 1000 pages of Archie comic. Sort of reminiscing and missing the characters in the comic. My favourite? Jughead !!! 😉 I always have a soft heart for him.