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After a long day at work, I decided I need a good hearty meal to fill my growling tummy… But, hub and I were kind of unsure where we would like to eat and we were throwing the decision back and forth.

Then, I recalled my brother-in-law mentioning about this burger place in Kota Damansara and thought that perhaps it was a good night to give it a try. This restaurant is quite easy to locate if you are familiar with the Strand (Kota Damansara).

Thankfully, this area is pretty deserted at night and locating parking is a breeze. Afternoon crowd is CRAZY around this area and it’s near impossible to get a space. There’s probably 3 restaurants for every 5 shops in this area.

The place is air-conditioned !!! so, this means NO-smoking. Yay. After placing our order with the front counter,

The Burger Menu

we were presented with their unique order number – The Rat. It’s a black furry rat soft toy with a tag on it’s ear. Cute… but, I’m not so keen to touch that thing. LOL

The rat and lunch set

Our Rat waiting with us. The lunch set seems pretty decently priced. Our burger got served pretty quickly. I think we only waited about 15 mins.

Hub got the Buffalo Soldier. The chicken was really nice and juicy. I love that they are using the whole thigh instead of mince chicken / chicken breast. The sauce is a wee bit overpowering. I think I would have prefer some salad in it to give it another layer of taste and texture…But, it’s just me.

Buffalo Soldier

As for me, I can never resist when I see egg and pineapple on beef patty. Brooklyn for me !!! Look how awesome and tall this stack is. nom nom nom. I was salivating already when they placed it in front of me. Luckily, I had the willpower to take a snap before devouring it. (Some article claim that people who take picture of food have mental problem… WHAT?! how can that be true… Think of the willpower it takes to have the discipline to take the picture before chomping away…tsk tsk tsk)

Brooklyn Burger

Look at that !!! The greens are nice and crisp too… That’s hard to find. Most places I go serve burger with almost wilted dying salad leaves. This is beautiful. Awesome choice if I may say so myself. hehehe…

Did I mention that the fries are really good? Almost chips-like. And, I love how rustic the fries looks with the potato skin around the edges.

One of our friend decided to join us and she got a half size (90gm patty) Vampire Slayer. Basically, garlic garlic garlic. Vampire Slayer (Half)I think it’s ok. But, the garlic is overpowering the poor beef patty. Somehow I felt that the patty is the supporting star and the garlic stole the show. I would have added baby spinach on this baby. That might have bring back some balance and draw the palate back to the fresh sweetness of the beef patty.

Overall a good burger joint. Would definitely return to try some of their other burgers in the menu… perhaps the fromage et fungi ?!