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It was a lucky thing that

1) We manage to squeeze some time form our tight schedule to visit the Mont Blanc.
2) The weather that day was beautiful and clear. (Supposedly it’s very rare in Oct as it rains alot)

So, off we go to Mont Blanc (French) or Monte Bianco (Italian) which literally translate to White Mountain. Ascending to the height of more than 15,700ft above sea level, this marks Mont Blanc as the hightest mountain in the Apls.

Unfortunately, we don’t have that much time to include skiing into our schedule. sob sob… dang it. Anyway, we took the cable car up from Chamonix.

Cable CarI’m not someone who is afraid of height… but, I have got to admit that at certain point during the ride up, I was afraid. Especially when the wind was so strong that the car started swinging. It was quite an experience.

View from Cable Car 02 View from Cable Car 01I don’t remember how long the ride was as I was constantly either praying for safety and being wowed by the awesome view surrounding me. Not to mention, with so many people (at least 20+), the ride up was pretty much quiet. I think everyone is just speechless and humbled by nature.

Once we got off the cable car, you can hear the crowd got really excited and noisy. I was glad the ride was over (for now – since we still need to get back down later).

My friend pointed to us where we were

Where we stopThe view up there is just amazing. Too amazing to describe. So, I’ll let the picture speaks for themselves.

Amazing View 01 Amazing View 02 Ice TunnelIt was truly a great experience. I was a tad bit reluctant to leave and head back down. but then, my tummy wins and I finally tear myself and head back down to Chamonix for lunch.

The best part was, I manage to head to Monte Bianco from the other side the very next day… so lucky indeed.

This side is from Italy where you can head up from a little town call Courmayeur in Aosta Valley. We manage to get some shopping done there and I bought myself alot of pasta to bring home. hehehehe…