Whenever we have the opportunity to gather together for family lunches / dinners, Dad always ‘pesters’ / ask us what we want to eat.

My sis being the ‘kangaroo-ized’ (Australian-ized), always demands we eat western food. She will go crazy if she eats rice more than 5 days in a row. (LOL). As for myself, I prefer Japanese or Korean. My brothers are not so picky. 

But when we start throwing out suggestions on different restaurants to try, dad will sneakily slot in the conversation… “why not Chinese?”. Half of the time we give in to him… but most of the time we will not give up without a fight first.

So for Father’s Day this year, I organised a family dinner in a nice Chinese restaurant for dad. Sufficient to say, he’s a happy camper after the meal. ;p

Happy Papa Day !!! love you !