Duri-an (Thorn fruit in Malaysian local language). Hailed as the king of fruit by most southeast Asia countries. It has an amazing lovely perfume (which non-local finds unbearable) and is covered with thorn shell. This fruit evoke extreme impression. It’s either you love it or your hate it.

DurianThis year, there is an over supplies of durian in the market. Everywhere you turn, you can see durian stall being setup. In some stall, you see literally see durian moutain stack higher than the stall itself !

There’s many variety of durian in the market. The most famous one in Malaysia is the Mousang King (Mountain Cat King). During non-season, these variety are sold for between RM30-35/kg. There was a time when it was sold for almost RM50/kg !!!

Yesterday, we had some and it was at RM 16/kg. One of my friend told us that they had it for RM8/kg (in the farm).

So CHEAP !!! must EAT more !!!… muahahaha.