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Ho ho hoo… Merry Christmas everyone.

One more week and it’s Christmas ! Yay… can’t wait. I’m really excited about Christmas this year. Why? It’s my first Christmas in my own home. How exciting it that right? And the best part is my baby sis is back from Melbourne to celebrate together. I miss the little brat. It’s almost more than one year plus I have not seen her.

I’ve always dream of having a beautiful tall and huge Christmas tree in my own home one day. Probably from too much American TV. Have you seen their crazy Christmas deco? It’s so freaking fantastic and I LOVE it. But, it’s probably abit too over the top if I do it here. People might think my house is selling Christmas ornaments. lol.

Look at this tree. I took it from One world hotel (PJ). It’s so cute with the big red bow in the centre. Massive Tree in One World hoteland look at all the presents under the tree !!!

Last weekend, we manage to find time to put up my tree in our home. It’s a small one but I love it to pieces. Hub nicely helped me to assemble it while mom, my sis and I deck it up with lights and other trinkets.

My small cute tree with one lone presentAww… it’s so pretty right? My own little Christmas tree…But, only one lonely present for now. hehehe… (hinting hinting to hubby !!!)