Yay !!! Hub and I got this in our mail box this week…

We are certified Open Water Diver! I am so excited about it… It was just like yesterday we had our first pool session. And, now… it’s official !

I thought Hub was equally excited as he has been going around finding out who amongst our friends who are also open water diver… until I caught one of his conversations.

    Hub : Hey… are you certified diver?
    Friend 1 : Yeah… why?
    Hub : Cool… the next time (wife) wants to go diving, you can be her buddy.
    Me : What?! you are not going to be my buddy?! (le sigh…)

Bleh… here I was thinking he was trying to find friends to go diving with us… he’s busy finding replacement buddy for me…

But, he ensure me that if no one wants to be my buddy during a dive trip, he’ll be mine (reluctantly). This means that all I have to do is to convince all our friends not to be my buddy…. MUAHAHAHA.