It’s been a tiring 2 months plus of almost back to back traveling. Flying in and flying out. Packing and unpacking (Lucky I have enough clothes to go around without doing any laundry for 4 weeks!!!). From Cold winter to Hot tropical. From posh 5 stars to budget hotels…

I am all burnt out by last weekend when I finally touch down in KL. My traveling schedule has come to an end. Perhaps that is why, my body has finally allow itself to feel the full blown fatigue and exhaustion.

Most people always thinks that road warriors / jet setter leads such glamorous and lucky life. Perhaps they do. But, this is not without a price. Many will lose their health because of the hectic lifestyle, combine with crazy time zone and diet differences. For those who are discipline enough, they will manage it and continue to thrive being a road warrior. I really respect them a lot…

Let me tell you, traveling for work is NOT the same as leisure travel. Most road warrior have time constraint, and not to mention budget constraint (with some company). I remember once, I had to fly and cab for more than 36 hours to reach my clients office, only to dive straight in for a 5 hours meeting. At the end of that meeting, I had literally stayed awake for more than 48 hours (with some minor dozing off here and there). And, when I reach the hotel, I just crashed. That was my worst experience ever. After that, I learn my lesson. I’ll travel one day in advance to rest before heading off to any meetings. I still shudder when I think back on that.

I really respect those road warriors who can just travel non-stop all year round. How do they do it?! Whenever I need to travel, I always felt so uprooted. It’s worst when I have to stay for 3-4 days in one place and then running off back home for another 3-4 days before traveling again. It’s like home has turn into hotel as well (minus the room service).

This would means our home is always in a big mess when we travel. So, by the time we return, it will take us at least 2-3 days to sort everything out. Thankfully this round mum come to our rescue. She kindly offered to help us to ‘restore’ our messy house back to a cozy home. LOL… Thanks mum !!! love you.

I love it when I get to stay grounded and enjoy home. I think I’m too much of a home-person to ever enjoy the life of a road warrior…