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I had the craziest craving recently. (Hub thinks I have cravings almost every other day. So, he reckons I shouldn’t call it cravings but just greedy. Hahaha…) Anyway, I was really hankering for Chili Crab from Singapore!

After hearing about my cravings, Hub’s friend (Ed) invited and treated us to a crab feast. Yay, Thank you so much Ed!!!

He made reservation with the No Signboard Restaurant in Esplanade. This restaurant started off as a small hawker place with no name. Today, the restaurant has several branches and they are known as No SignBoard Restaurant… (You can read more about their history from their website). Luckily Ed made reservation for the 3 of us. The place was packed like mad. The manager had to keep turning guest away. But then again, it was Friday night and the view at Esplanade is amazing.

We were told that their signature crab dish is actually the white pepper crab. Oh no…decision decisions… I really want the Chili crab too. The waiter kindly told me that I can order ONE crab for each dish. CooL! I know most restaurants need you to order at least 2-3 crabs per dish. So, we ended up with both.

We had the fresh oyster, which was HUGE. It’s almost the size of my palm. The texture is very firm (reminds me of pacific oyster I had when in Tasmania, Australia). The different was this has less briny taste. I think I still prefer the ones I had in Tasmania. But, this comes really close. The white pepper crab is lovely. I love the ‘kick’ from the pepper combine with the sweetness of the crab. Their crabs are really fresh too. Yummz…

The Chili crab is slightly different from the ones I had previously. This was slightly less sweet and has a bit more curry powder taste. It’s quite a nice balance as the sauce is not too over powering that it hides the crab’s freshness. It is so good with the fried mantao (Chinese bread).

We also ordered the deep fried butter prawn. The prawn felt a little overcooked to me. But, the deep fried butter taste was really good. In fact, I got abit addicted to the bits of crispy fried batter more than the prawn. ;p

It was a great night feasting on those yummy crabs and catching up with Ed. Hub and I had a great time. Thanks again Ed. J