brr…(so cold and wet lately)

It’s the monsoon season…

It has been raining almost the WHOLE week everyday. When it rains in Malaysia… it pours like cats and dogs. It’s crazy with lighting and thunder. Just now the thunder was so powerful, I could almost felt the tremor inside my office building. yikes ! And it actually trigger our circuit breaker.

ALL the work which I was working on got cut off… and I didn’t save ! sob sob sob… sigh…

Staring out my window, watching the water trickle down brings back so much fond memories about rain.

When I was younger, I was fascinated by the rain. It was like the whole world stop moving to allow the rain to come and sooth all pain away. The pitter patter sound made on the roof is so hypnotic. I can spend hours just pressing my face on the window looking out at the puddles the rain made.

I remember once my brothers, cousins and I ran home from school during a heavy downpour. We had so much fun running in the rain and jumping on puddles (trying to get each other wet – it doesn’t really make sense now since we were all soaking wet anyway). When we reach home, we got the scolding of our life for trying to walk in the rain instead of waiting at school until it stopped. I remember mom marched us all to take a hot shower immediately, follow by a kneeling on the floor for a good 2 hours (with our hand pulling our own ears – suppose to mean that we are sorry for our action and we will listen next time).

Another time, I smuggled to a ‘special-guest invited’ school event, which my cousin was suppose to receive a special award. As her parents were caught overseas, she had to go alone. I (the ever kind and important cousin), agreed to accompany her. But, we were both minor (I think we were 10 years old then), I had to smuggle and hide somewhere in the school compound waiting for her (I was very timid then – and do anything she ask me to do – that big bully. ;p ). Anyway, it started raining and I had no where to hide and stay sheltered. In the end, I squeeze myself underneath a big table at the side of the building (which my cousin was in). I was cold and wet by the time she finish with her event to collect me. bleh… Yes – I still use this to blackmail her now whenever i need favors from her. MUAHAHAHAA… but, i love her very much. 🙂

This is one of my favourite memory. It was my university days. I was on the tram going to Uni when it started raining quite heavily (for Melbourne standard). I had no umbrealla with me, but, have to jump out that stop. Right after I jump out, I quickly ran to the nearest side walk shelter I can find. While I was trying to wipe myself clean, an umbrella stopped right in front of me. I look up and see this really cute guy (with glasses – I’m a sucker for man in glasses). He smile and ask If he can walk me to my lecture hall !!! I was stunned. (No – I am not hot looking or pretty. At most, some of my really close friends say i’m abit cute. lol…) He gallantly gave me more portion of the umbrella and we started chatting. When we almost reach my lecture hall, he told me he’s in his second year and I stupidly told him I’m older than him as I was in my 4th year. He was shocked. He told me that he thought I was in my first / second year. oh well, after that, he dropped me off and wave bye… LOL… it was still a damn romantic experience for me.