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How many of you hate moisturizing your body? I know I do. Why?

1)     I am just plain lazy. It’s a lot of work to moisturize the whole body, ok! (At least a solid 15mins if you want to do a proper job)

2)     It’s normally so thick and creamy that it takes damn a lot of effort to evenly apply it. Or, you leave white streaks and patches around.

3)     The sticky feeling you get after moisturizing. Yucks.

4)     My fingers are so oily after I finish that I need to wash it off with soap before I can do anything else.

So thankfully, I’ve been blessed with relatively ok body skin.

Unfortunately during my early this month trip to France, my body skin starts to rebel against me. Sob sob… it got really dried and itchy. My once smooth skin starts looking like tree bark. As I have never had need to moisturize my body, I didn’t pack any lotion with me.

I made a quick visit to a local pharmacy (I think it was in Lille town centre) to try and get something for it. The pharmacist proposes I give Caudalie Body butter a try. She told me it was superb. I bought it on the spot, ran back to the hotel and start using it.

When I squeeze out the thick cream, my heart sank. It’s going to be one of those really oily ones. Ahhhh….. (I guess I really need it to be oily to drown my skin and bring it back to life)

When I spread it across my leg, I was shocked. It had not only glided smoothly across my skin, the body butter absorbs immediately leaving behind smooth silky finish. It was amazing how light the texture felt on my finger and the best part is it didn’t feel oily or sticky at all. It was so easy and effortless to apply.

The best part, my skin was back to its original condition (before I travel), after a mere 2-3 applications (about 2 days). It was really a good product.

I was so in loved with this body butter that I bought back home with 2 more tube… hehehe. The smell of the body butter is really nice too. (It’s like grape…mainly because their main ingredient is suppose to be the extract from grape vine)