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The HCE sink comes with 2 filter stages. The first one has slits of 5mm by 50mm. The second stage is slightly smaller (maybe about 2mm by 40mm). The second stage also acts as a plug when you need to fill it up. Unfortunately, it has a tendency to plug itself when you pour high content of water into the sink. (The water weight pushes it down).

Anyway, if you are as picky as me about filtering things from going straight into the pipe, you will find the HCE sink filter to be failing to do a good job. The slits are just too huge and it worries me to have so many pieces of stuff going down the sink. I know there’s a pipe trap and if anything happen, we can always open that up. But, I prefer to avoid the need to do that.

Hence, begins my quest to find a solution for this. And I found it in Daiso! It’s like a mini mesh bag which you usually see the bigger version used to pack onions, potatoes or fruits in the supermarket.


I wrap the mesh filter around the first stage HCE sink filter and viola; I have a filter with smaller gaps!

I have been using this method for the last few weeks and found that it is quite good. And, I only need to change the mesh filter every 1-2 weeks (depending on how heavy I cook). One pack comes with 40pcs (which is about RM 0.125/pcs). So, I just throw the whole mesh filter away when it gets full. Easier to clean also.

Yay ! Problem solved. (Give myself a pat on the head… hehehe). Sorry for the bright photo, but, it is the only way you can see the mesh bag clearly.