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When friends ask us (Hub and me) what we still need for our new place? We usually tell them nothing as we don’t like like to burden our friends or ask for gift. (Especially for hub)

So, when a really close friend ask us many many times, we finally mention that we need a tower fan for our living room. When the friend ask if we have anything in mind, we explain that we will be happy with anything. A simple basic type is enough. (It’s the truth !!! when hub and I was still hunting for it, we were planning to settle for the traditional round type stand fan with long body)

When the friend brought the gift to us, I was shocked for a while. It is the Dyson AM02. WAHHHH…..

Of course I said the customary, “Ooo…. you shouldn’t have bought us such an expensive one” (it’s only right, right?)….

But, deep down, I was so so so excited and happy. I was jumping up and down with JOY and gleefully grinning away (in secret). Yippee ! How can you NOT love the Dyson Bladeless Tower Fan !!!

(I got this picture from Dyson’s website)

Thank you. THANK YOU !!!! (you know who you are !) big big HUGS !