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Rainy season and bad weather of late is causing many people to fall sick. Poor hub is down with influenza (flu) since last week and is still on the road to recovery. Unlike the common cold, the actual flu virus can cause quite a lot of damage.

I was feeling a bit under the weather first. Started with a touch of fever and sniffing. But, it all left after 3 days… (See – I am not such a tofu after all. Hehehe…) However, hub continues to have high fever on and off. It was really frustrating as this makes him really weak and tired out. Finally, after 4 days in this condition, we went to the hospital to get him checked.

Initially, we were worry it might be dengue. But, the ER doctor on duty say that since there were no red-spots on his body, he doesn’t think that was it. So, he propose hub do a test for influenza on top of the blood test.

After 2 hours, hub is diagnosed with influenza type B. Phew… Doctor says this strain is not too bad as it is quite common but since hub is having fever hovering at 39-40… He propose hub be admitted. Doc say not to worry too much since hub is not detected for influenza type A (which supposedly is where the H1N1 strain from). Hub stubbornly refused to be admitted to the hospital… So, I was put in charge of taking care of this mule ! (Yes – you read it right. stubborn MULE !)

It’s not easy for hub as he keeps throwing up on his medication at night. He say its the anti-viral pill which is making him vomit. It freaked me out. But at least after one day of the anti-viral, his fever broke. But, his other symptoms still persist. Sigh…

So, I force him to keep a really bland diet during the weekend.

Started him off with a cup of redoxon the minute he wakes up (to boast his Vitamin C / immune system). Then, follow by mince pork and diced carrot porridge for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, I made him some Mee-Hoon (rice noodle) with chopped cabbage in chicken broth soup. And before going to bed, I ask him to take one more bowl of porridge. In between all this, he drinks plentiful water. I also make him honey lemon for his sore throat. And, force him to gulp down it down (he HATES honey – I don’t know why. How can anyone hate honey?!)

Hoorah…hubby manage to keep his medicine in for now. He stop vomiting !!! yay !!! I pray that God will help hub to recover fully soon.