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Kil-le-pitsch. (that was how I was taught to pronounce)

#Innovative Baker introduce this to me during my last visit to Dusseldorf. It was winter and we were kinda cold from walking a lot on the street. So, she pop us into this little bar to get a shot of it.

She told us that it’s good for health and it’s made with herbs, spices, fruits and berries. (sort of like yomeishu i guess…or dom). Wow… since 1858 !!! more than a century old.

Since this was my first time trying this.. I took a small sip. I was shocked. I could feel the burning sensation all the way from my throat right to my tummy. Hohoho… it was quite a cool sensation, actually. Hubby say it kinda reminded him of sambuca (I’ve never tasted sambuca… so, i’ll take his word for it).

There’s a shop next to the bar where you can pop in to get the killepitsch in all sort of shapes and sizes. so, we couldn’t resist ourselves and bought this back for our friends to try. Got 2 sets of the 25 x 0.02 litre packs.

hmm… I still have a few stash in my fridge. I wonder if I can make a dish out of it ??