Since young, I have always find leap day to be fascinating. Perhaps it was because I was still young and the math concept behind this whole extra day business was just too complicated. 

To me, the extra day felt like God understood when I needed extra time. There’s just so many things to do and so little time ! I am sure everyone out there face the same problem.

I know Leap day is only 1 extra day out of 1460days (365days x 4 years). But, think about it, it is almost a full minute extra per day (1460 / 24hrs). 

And then it strikes me, whenever I am faced with problems, I would moan and whine for hours. Allowing myself to let the issue swim around my mind and manifest. When that happens, hubby would asks me to pray about it and remark that it takes less than a minute for a prayer.

I was reluctant since I give myself the excuse that it takes time to pray. And, the time took for prayer could be efficiently used to solve the problem (most of the time, it is to continue to whine and mull about the problem. Hehehee).

And, you know How amazing is God?

He knows how we always give ourselves the excuse that we have no time. And so, He gave us the extra time. Almost a full minute a day !!!

And true enough, with the less than a minute prayer, God’s presence comfort me and I always found solution to the problem quickly after that. If not, there’s always a feeling like I am wrapped in a blanket of peace knowing God is in charge of the problem.

For many out there, I know leap day is probably just a calculated compensation. But for me, God is so generous that He even gave us the extra time to fit Him in to our ‘busy’ schedule. The gift of the extra time which in return helps us with our daily life. Amazing. Thank you Lord.

God is Good indeed ! Amen.