ARGHHH… I know I say I won’t rant about unhappy stuff on my blog. But, I am too bloody pissed off…

How can BIG multi billion International corperation hire someone who can’t bloody speak english as their receptionist?! Esh… bleh

I mean how hard is it to at least say sorry and then follow by a string of your own language before hanging up. At least it would have made me feel that you try to put in some effort to be polite. Or at least say ‘NO understand’ !!!

All I did was say hello, can i speak to so-and-so,

and this lady launched into a string of sentences and then,  When I ask,

can you speak English?

She slam my phone. At first I thought it might have been some misunderstanding.

I call back 4 times.. and she slam my phone again and again. And towards the end, she didn’t even bother to let me finish. ARGHHH…

WHY? WHY? you can spend millions and millions for R&D, marketing and etc… BUT, your HR do not bother to hire someone who can bloody speak english as your receptionist ?!