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During this year Chinese New Year, we went for a little short trip to Ipoh (City in Perak, Malaysia which is about 120mins away from KL).

This city holds a great meaning for both of us (hub and me) as our love story sort of begins there. Mostly for me, since hub ‘wow’ed me while trying to court me by driving us to Ipoh just because I told him I had cravings for ipoh chicken hor fun. But then, like all boyfriend turn husband, they get lazier over time. Nowadays, I would be lucky to even get him to go for dinner together at a place 20-30 mins away… bleh.

So, when our family friends offered to bring us around Ipoh for good local food, I was game to go. Hub needed some urging but finally agreed when I reminded him how he had FORGOTTEN our anniversary and this will be sort of like our anniversary getaway.

And so begins our foodaventure in Ipoh. Stay Tune. 😉