Continue from the last post (Confit de canard)

I have one duck leg left. And some of my sides from previous night. It is not possible to prepare dinner for 3. So, I rummage thru my fridge and found 2 heads of romaine lettuce. Nice… very nice.

Since we had such heavy dinner last night, I decided to make something light tonight.

I tear up the lettuce,  shredded the duck (heat it in the microwave). Then, sprinkle it around the salad. Next, in goes the shredded carrot and caramelised onion. The result? FANTASTIC. it was the best salad I have ever eaten. seriously. Even my mom who was a little skeptical at first fight us for the last bite. hehehee… All the different element merge so well together, especially with the fresh cripsy lettuce.

Simple and delicious.

** No – that was not all we had. Mom had a craving for Ramli burger (typical local burger – usually found on road side). So, we had to ‘tapau’ (take-away) some back.